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Steve Page

        A writer and anthropologist with a passion for the sea, Stephen Page recently completed an 840 mile solo kayak trip of the California coast, leaving him with a rarely seen perspective on California, and the plight of the kelp forest. Stephen has a BA in Anthropology and Geography from California Polytechnic University. He was recently a finalist for the ROAM Awards for an essay piece titled "The Beating Heart of California". He has self-published several fiction novels about free diving and the sea. 

Marco Mazza

        Marco is an avid surfer and freediver who has created a name for himself among some of the most talented underwater photographers in California. From adventuring in the tidepools as a toddler to surfing Mavericks as a teen, Marco has always carried with him the greatest respect and fascination for the ocean and all it has to offer. As a recent graduate from the Film and Media Studies program at University of California Santa Barbara, Marco is comfortable both behind the lens and in front of the editing screen; most notably exhibited with his self-made 38 minute ocean-minded documentary "Isla Vista Below the Surface".

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