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Help Contribute to The Last Forests Project!

With the support of Filmmakers Collaborative SF, we are taking big steps toward making “The Last Forests” film a reality. “The Last Forests” film is a feature-length documentary about the future of California’s struggling kelp forests and the communities that are impacted by their decline. To help us continue production and take direct action toward kelp recovery, we are asking for your help.


Please take a minute to watch this sneak peak of our upcoming film. We thank you in advance for donating what you can to help make this film and kelp restoration effort a reality. 


We understand how difficult these times are for everyone, and know how important finances are in regards to Covid 19. But we also know that in times like this we are forced to reflect on what matters most to us. For filmmakers Marco Mazza and Stephen Page, this includes family, friends, and the health of our planet. 


Join us as we document what is becoming the last of California’s kelp forests, and help save what is left.

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